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its hard be this good but after a while it becomes habit


try us meet us and fall head over heels in love with us 

3o years BEING THE best


there are no better garages  than ours 

it is that simple 

once you use us you will continue for years and years to come 

the team


there is something truly amazing about our team, i am so proud and lucky to have them. not only are they excellent at the work but they are so helpful and friendly towards are customers 

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As a responsible seller we follow the rules and laws below are some examples and solutions the trading standards law The mileage indicated by the odometer of a car is a description, and as such it will be regarded as an accurate indication of the distance travelled by the vehicle. Traders are expected to carry out checks to make sure the description is accurate, as it is likely to be information that would affect a consumer's decision whether or not to purchase the vehicle. If the odometer reading is incorrect you must not refer to it in any description - for example, on business paperwork, websites or advertisements. Displaying an incorrect odometer reading may be a misleading action. In addition, you must tell the consumer the true mileage if known, as failure to do this may be a 'misleading omission' (another CPRs term). The offences contained in the CPRs would apply even if a trader did not know that the indicated mileage was incorrect. However, the Regulations also provide fo

About Us THATS NOT US BELOW he his wearing the wrong gloves

Experienced Mechanics well some of us are !


The mechanics at our garag have over 40 years of experience between them. mainly in making cups of tea but from time to time we also do a good job of fixing cars They are quite dedicated to providing high-quality repairs to keep you safe, happy and on the road.

We Have You Covered


Whether you're coming in for a routine inspection or a repair service, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work. We provide 12-month warranties with all of our services for your peace of mind.

Our Quality Promise


We're committed to providing a stress-free experience lol !! that's quite unlikely because you will be dealing with BEN :) to both new and returning customers  Our garage only uses parts from reputable brands to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to drive.

All of our sales vehicles are checked prior to us accepting them, we try hard to make sure we are not getting ripped off when we are buying them in … you will appreciate a used car can have a lot of hiden history and its often very difficult to provide satisfactory proof to guarantee things like the mileage, with that in mind we ask you to disregard the mileage display and assume it could be incorrect , 

the Rac and the AA have a fantastic site which helps buyers with tips of how to determine if a cars mileage is or is not correct. 

HOWEVER  I have my own car which has covered 60,000 miles from new I know its genuine because I have owned from new, but to look at it you would swear its covered at least twice that, 

my best advise  is if you are happy with the car then its not important what the history of the car is, whats important is  it is what you want it to be for you.

if you have any concerns about any of our vehiles please feel free to ask or just walk  away there are pleanty of other vehicles for sale.  

you do not get pressure sales tactics used here we much prefer it if you make your own mind up 


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